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A Biomedical Engineering course educates a student on how to gain technical expertise in biology and medicine simultaneously and contribute efficiently in the development and improvement of healthcare solutions .This unique field encompasses bio-instrumentation,bio-materials,bio-mechanics,medical imaging,genetic engineering,orthopedic surgery cellular and tissue engineering.

Before enrolling in a biomedical engineering course ,a canditate should pass the higher secondary or 10+2 examination with science as the main discipline.Biomedical Engineering can be taken as a special subject in engineering and a post graduate degree can also be acquired.A flair for research coupled with excellent academic records can allow the candidate to obtain a doctorate degree from India or Abroad.

Immense job opportunities in diverse spheres like medical equipments manufacturing,orthopedic and rehabilitation engineering ,molecular,cellular and tissue engineering in public as well as in corporate sectors are available for the biomedical engineers in India.They can also be absorbed in hospitals to provide valuable advice on the status of medical equipments. They can engage themselves in research activities .

There is a huge demand for biomedical engineers abroad.Clinical engineers who monitor and maintain the databases of medical instrumentations for the specific needs of the physician and hospitals are most sought after in hospitals abroad.Golden opportunities also await orthopedic engineers who improve the quality of life of patients by developing prosthetics,artificial limbs,hips and other organs.

1.CEG Campus.
2.Sri Sivasubramaniya Nadar College of Engineering.
3.Rajalakshmi College of Engineering.
4.Jerusalem College of Engineering.
5.Vel tech IIT.
6.Rajiv Gandhi College of Engineering.
7.SMK Forma Institute of Technology.
8.Alpha College of Engineering.
9.Visvesvaraya Technological University.
10.P.B.College of Engineering.
11.Prathyusha Institute of Technology and Management.


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