Thursday, June 10, 2010


Which is the right career for me?Which is the right course ?What are the job prospects of that course?What is the qualification required for that? These are some examples of questions which rise in our mind,when a time comes to choose the career.So this is a blog which contains major engineering courses offered by various Colleges and Instituitions in India.There are lot of courses in each and every field of Medicene,Engineering and Arts and Sciences.Let me take Engineering courses first!

There are hundreds of Engineering courses available!But a few courses are the major ones,wanted and have a bright future like Aeronautical Engineering,Marine Engineering,Automobile Engineering etc,.Other Engineering courses are available like Food Technology,Ceramic Engineering,Polymer Technology,Highway Engineering,Metallurgical Engineering,Petroleum Engineering,Leather Technology etc., which are said to be the additional courses studied after completing B.E/B.Tech.

List of Engineering Cources;

Aeronautical Engineering
Agriculture Engineering
Apparel Technology
Automobile Engineering
Bio-Medical Engineering
Ceramic Engineering
Chemical Engineering
Civil Engineering
Computer Engineering
Electrical & Electronics
Electronics & Communication
Electronics & Instrumentation
Food Technology
Industrial Biotechnology
Industrial Engineering
Information Technology
Leather Technology
Marine Engineering
Manufacturing Engineering
Materials Engineering
Mechanical Engineering
Mining Engineering
Petroleum Engineering
Pharmaceutical Technology
Plastic Technology
Printing Technology
Production Engineering
Rubber Technology
Textile Technology


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